Corporate Governance Practices

Intellectual Property Management Plan

Intellectual property is one of the core competencies of the Company. The Company strengthens its operational competitiveness through innovation motivation among employees, achieving high-quality R&D results, and proactive intellectual property management:

In terms of management of trade secrets: The employee handbook and employment contract provide as follows
(1) The company-related confidentiality requirements and rules shall be reinforced.
(2) A sound information security environment shall be built.
(3) Employees have the obligation to keep company secrets and shall not disclose them during the employment or after departing from the Company.

In terms of patent management:
(1) To conduct patent search and application layout according to the R&D strategy and direction.
(2) To confirm the patent status dynamically and appropriately defend and maintain the patent without continuing the proceeding.

In terms of trademark management:
(1) To check the use of the trademark.
(2) To protect the trademark according to the law.

Implementation (As of September 30, 2023)

The Company has reported the matters related to intellectual properties to the 10th meeting (November 2, 2023) of the eleventh Board of Directors. The Company is actively promoting its intellectual property management plan, and the implementation of the plan in 2023 is as follows:

  • In 2023, the trademark extension was reviewed and confirmed according to the usage of the trademark.
  • In 2023, in response to the Company’s continuing efforts to improve confidentiality requirements, we updated the sample confidentiality agreement to facilitate the signing of agreements with partners in cases involving the confidential information of the Company.
  • In 2023, as of September, 39 new employees joined the Company, and the regulations on intellectual properties and company patent awards have been introduced to them through the online course “Intellectual Property and Patents and Copyright Awards of the Company”.

The list of intellectual properties and results for 2023 are as follows:

  • The Company had 60 domestic and foreign patents (including 28 patents under application and 32 patents granted).
  • We obtained 32 patents both at home and abroad (i.e., granted patents).