Stakeholder Engagement

Contact for Investor Relations and Company Spokesperson

Tom Huang
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Investor Relations Officer
Steven Lee
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Evelyn Hu
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Contact for Stakeholder

Stakeholder Communication and Interaction

The Company follows the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (P-D-C-A) model to list stakeholder concerns and maintain a good communication. In order to ensure the implementation of major issues and the achievement of goals, the Sustainability Committee discusses and reviews the achievement and future direction of the matters concerned by stakeholders in the economic, social and environmental aspect at least once a year. Then the Committee will summarize the communication and results of stakeholder discussions and submit a report to the Board of Directors annually. The communication with stakeholders from January to September 2023 was reported to the Board of Directors on November 2, 2023 as follows:

Stakeholder Communication Channel Communication Frequency Operation Communication
Investor Shareholder Securities Trader • Individual Shareholders
• Corporate Investment Legal Persons
• Credit Rating Agencies
• Financial and Insurance Institutions
• Financial Performance, Profitability, and Dividend Policy
• Future Prospects, Competitive Advantages and Future Growth Potential of the Company
• Corporate Governance / Risk Management
• Information Disclosure Transparency
• Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
• Financial statements, MOPS, and company website • Regularly • 34 major messages and announcements in Chinese/English.
• Invited to participate in 9 forums for listed companies, and investor meetings.
• Annual report of shareholders’ meeting issued in May, and shareholders’ meeting held in June.
• Sustainability Report in Chinese was issued in September.
• Investor Meeting, investor relations presentation (website) • Quarterly
• Annual report of AGM, company website, sustainability report, disclosure of risk management system, and reporting channels • Monthly tracking/annually
• Information disclosed on website, annual report of AGM • Quarterly/irregularly
• Sustainability report, company website • Annually
Employees • Full-time employees
• Contract employees (by contracts)
• Employee benefits
• Talent attraction and retention
• Work conditions
• Learning and growth
• Health and safety
• Employees communicate with each other through internal channels, and members of the Welfare Committee survey employees’ opinions • Annual review • Four employee-employer meetings were held.
• Five welfare committee meetings were held.
• Activities and sports events: 6, including:
  (1) The Christmas Celebration event in December 2022.
  (2) The million-step Club step counting competition from January to April in 2023.
  (3) Sitronix Badminton Doubles Tournament in June 2023.
  (4) Engineer Celebration event in June 2023.
  (5) Summer Solstice Celebration in June 2023.
  (6) One-day Trip in July 2023.
• Employee benefits: Annual travel subsidy and daily afternoon tea.
• Evaluation incentive: Semi-annual performance assessment and distribution of performance bonus based on annual profits.
• System: Maintain a fair recruitment and evaluation system.
• Internal announcement and training: more than 10 announcement messages; and to complete required annual employee courses.
• Sports and health:
  (1) To provide free health examination better than the legal requirements.
  (2) Million-step Club step counting competition from January to April.
  (3) We have been awarded the “Sports Enterprise Certification” by the Ministry of Education’s Sports Department (2022-2025)
  (4) Sitronix Badminton Doubles Tournament in July
• Performance and incentives • Every six months
• Uphold the principle of fairness and non-discrimination, equal employment opportunities are provided to employees • Recruit employees, and start from the entry date. Newcomer camps are held every six months.
• Newcomer education and training, Sitronix class • Entry date, and annually for existing employees
• Encourage employee activities and improve work environment • Annually
Clients • Existing clients
• Potential new clients
• Client relation management
• Product innovation/Engineering capacity
• Product price/Delivery
• Green products
• Quality management
• E-mail/Telephone • Daily • Customer Satisfaction: 95% for the second half of 2022; 98.51% for the first half of 2023.
• IoT Product Development Department discussed with 11 major clients about TDCC technical specification meetings for wearable devices.
• In May~June, the Industrial Controls Product Development Department promoted low-power display driver IC solutions to customers with applications related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and handheld devices, which will be launched and SoP in the future.
• Client satisfaction survey and response • Annually
• Business project review • Monthly
• Product energy efficiency improvement program • Monthly/Quarterly
• Quality review meeting • Monthly
Suppliers OEMs • Raw material suppliers
• Key component suppliers
• Wafer fabrication foundry
• Packaging plant
• Test factory
• Procurement of restricted substances in compliance with regulations
• Work environment and hygiene
• Price and delivery
• Production capacity
• Process technology
• Quality management
• Audit questionnaire, contract terms • Per contract, from time to time • As of September, we had completed quarterly reviews of 28 suppliers for the first and second quarters.
• As of September, a total of 15 suppliers had been listed in the annual audit, 1 has completed the audit, and the rest will be completed one after another.
• Participated in the weekly quality meeting with 10 suppliers.
• Audit questionnaire • Irregular audit
• Contract • Per contract, from time to time
• Contract with on-site audit • According to long-term contracts, regularly
• Engineering meeting • Per project, from time to time
• Client compliant management • Per event, from time to time
Government Competent authorities • Competent authorities • Corporate governance system
• Operational performance
• Major information disclosure
• Carbon emission
• Legal compliance
• Insider trading prevention
• Decent operation / Integrity  
• Annual report of AGM, company website, MOPS • Quarterly review • A total of 192 e-mails were received from the government/authorities.
• We have been awarded the “Sports Enterprise Certification” by the Ministry of Education’s Sports Department (2022-2025)
• Elected as a constituent stock of the “Industrial Elite 30 (INE 30) Index”.
• Awarded 6%~20% of the 9th Corporate Governance Evaluation by the Taiwan Stock Exchange.
• Elected as a constituent of the “Taiwan Top Salary 100 Index by Taiwan Index Plus”.
• Selected into the Taiwan Select High Dividend Index by Taiwan Index Plus.
• Selected into the Taiwan Technology Dividend Highlight Index by Taiwan Index Plus.
• Selected into Customized Taiwan ESG High Dividend Equal Weight Index by Taiwan Index Plus.
• Selected into Customized Taiwan ESG Low Carbon High Dividend 40 Index by Taiwan Index Plus.
• Selected into Customized Taiwan Semiconductor Dividend Yield Index by Taiwan Index Plus.
• Selected into Customized Taiwan Wafer Manufacture Index by Taiwan Index Plus.
• Financial statements • Quarterly
• MOPS disclosure of public information • Quarterly financial figures and irregular material information
• Annual report of AGM, Sustainability Report, company website • Annually
• Annual report of AGM, company website • According to the regulations of competent authorities
• Material information and Prevention of insider trading regulations • Regular annual course orientations
• Operation integrity and ethical management • Regular annual course orientations
Industry associations Academic institutions • Industry associations
• Academic
• Industry trends
• Technical updates
• Industry-school cooperation
• Professional seminar • Irregularly • The external organizations joined by the Company are listed below:
  (1) Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA) member;
  (2) Member of the Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance (MIPI);
  (3) Member of SoC Center of National Taiwan University.
  (4) Employees Zhou Deyun and Huang Yingji serve as directors of the Taiwan Investor Relations Institute (TIRI).
• Industry-academia cooperation: Industry-academia cooperation with two institutions.
• Participating in a research project: Sponsoring one scholarship for a doctoral program at NTU, and evaluating another one.
• In-service training • Irregularly
• Participating in research projects • Regularly
Research institutions
• Industrial economics media
• Research institutions
• Operational performance
• Product development
• Corporate governance
• Sustainability
• Industry trends
• Financial statements • Quarterly • 4 interviews with media reporters.
• Securities research departments published 3 research reports on Sitronix.
• Press conference • Irregularly
• Annual report of AGM, company website • Annual update
• Sustainability report • Annual update
• Themed interview • Irregularly