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Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Sitronix is an IC designer founded in 1998, specialized in the development, design, and sales of integrated circuit products, including information-related chips, consumer electronics chips, and complete solution for system applications.

Since its onset, Sitronix has developed into a professional IC design company in pursuit of passion to excel and technology under the leadership of Chairman Vincent Mao. Through continuous integration and focus on core competitive product lines, we have steadily developed into a professional IC design company. In addition, Sitronix deploys its global strategy on comprehensively improving customer service quality and developing the most competitive final-end products, with its presence expanded from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China to Japan, the United States, and Europe.

In recent years, Sitronix has focused on developing hand-held products with a stable and high market share, offering a wide range of products that are highly recognized in the global market. In response to the increasing demand for smartphones and tablets from end-users, Sitronix has been actively developing smartphone driver IC technologies and products, and has released the industry’s only highly integrated “zero-capacitance” smartphone display driver chip, which has been well received by the market by its specifications and performance.

In the future, Sitronix will make every effort to achieve its goal to become a global company with excellent R&D capability, to continuously increase its corporate value, to provide outstanding products and services, and to create endless growth potential!

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If you are interested, please indicate the position you want to apply for and send your resume, photos, biography, and transcripts to:
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Address: No.5-11-1, Taiyuanyi Street, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (Building M, Phase III, Taiyuan Science Park)
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