Key Technologies

zerocap® Solution

We call it the best thing since sliced wafers. This patented solution translates to a more compact FPC with no capacitors on it. zerocap® allows customers to skip the process of SMT, thus saving both time and costs, while improving the product quality.

Driving Technology

Sitronix’s unique DDI designs set the VCOM level to ground instead of the DC bias voltage, reducing display panel noises and allowing DDIs to perform better on ESD testing. A range of LCD voltage supply units can be used, and the flicker is adjustable.

Advanced Color Management Algorithms

Our color management algorithms enhance colors, sharpness, sunlight readability, and the digital gamma. A CABC color enhancement function is embedded to reduce LED backlight power consumption.

Image Compression

A good internal display memory like ours helps cut down on module size and power consumption, while delivering optimal image quality. Sitronix’s patented image compression solutions are suitable for a variety of applications.

Unique Power Management Structures​

With a specially designed power management structure and patented circuits, Sitronix offers DDIs with fewer components, thus reducing the total cost.

Pixel Rendering Technology

Our pixel and sub-pixel rendering technology helps improve the panel resolution, reduce LED power consumption, and increase the color space to optimize display quality.