Supplier Management Policy

Sitronix is committed to driving a positive circulation in the industry and alongside the supply chain, actively cooperating with suppliers and partners to establish a supplier quality management mechanism, and jointly taking corporate social responsibilities with suppliers in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety and health, and labor human rights to enhance its sustainable performance.

Quality Management Mechanism

The Company has implemented ISO 9001 quality management system to carry out quarterly evaluation and annual audits of our suppliers according to the “Supplier Management Procedures”.

New suppliers: They are evaluated in terms of delivery, quality, cost, process capability and occupational safety system. The new domestic and foreign suppliers approved by the Company are required to maintain quality systems and occupational safety system, and carry out on-site audits, including environmentally friendly products, environmental safety, and social responsibility. If the audit results do not meet the requirements, all issues identified in the audit shall be corrected and improved within three months, and the evaluation team shall implement quality system and on-site audits again; if the revalidation still fails, the new supplier will be disqualified.

Qualified Suppliers: They are evaluated in terms of delivery, quality, cost, and engineering services. And their scores will directly affect the awarded contracts. For those who have failed to pass the evaluation, an evaluation team will be assigned to audit the quality systems and sites. If the suppliers still fail, they will be removed from the list of qualified suppliers. The qualified suppliers will be subject to annual audits, and the failed suppliers must complete all corrective improvements within 3 months for the evaluation team to audit the quality systems and sites again. If the qualified suppliers have used any forbidden substances in production, they will be disqualified.

Environmental Protection

Control of environmentally restricted substances: Sitronix has summarized chemical substances that are hazardous to the ecology, environment and human body in accordance with national regulations and customer requirements. Our company has established the “Management Procedures for Environmentally Restricted Substances”, which specifies that all raw materials and packaging materials used by the suppliers must fully comply with the EU RoHS (Directive 2011/65/EU)/REACH SVHC/Packaging Material Waste (Directive 94/62/EC) Directive/Halogen Free Directive and customers’ requirements for green environmental protection, and they shall also sign the “Declaration of Not Using Environmentally Hazardous Substances by Suppliers” and providing third-party inspection reports to jointly enhance corporate social responsibilities.
Suppliers are required to be ISO 14001 certified and, if not, they shall have plans to complete the certification.

Occupational Safety and Health and Human Rights Protection

We have implemented ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system. Suppliers are required to pass ISO 45001 certification or comply with laws and regulations for occupational safety and health and labor protection, as well as other relevant regulations and human rights rules such as no child labor regulations.


Status of Suppliers in the Quarterly Evaluation in 2022
Passing Rate

Status of Certification of Suppliers in 2022

ISO 9001 ISO 45001 ISO 14001
Passing Rate

Average Score of Suppliers in the Past Three Years

Average Score of Suppliers in the Past Three Years

No conflicting metals

The Company seriously takes minerals from Congo and its surrounding countries (Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, and Central African Republic) or areas of conflict controlled by illegal military forces. The illegal mining profits made by local military forces are stolen from local citizens and result in human rights violations and environmental degradation. We hereby guarantee that the metals used in the products supplied by our suppliers are not sourced from Congo and its neighboring countries, as well as conflict minerals from any areas controlled by armed forces within these countries, and we continue to monitor our direct supply chain sourcing practices to avoid the use of conflicting metal raw materials.