Welfare System

To attract, motivate and retain the best employees, we offer the most competitive salary and benefits, and we value our employees’ performance and will share all benefits with them. Sitronix not only provides annual target achievement bonus and R&D patent bonus, but has also established a sound bonus system.
At Sitronix, you will have many opportunities to improve your skills in a communicative and secure work environment. We train our employees, take care of them, and provide them with diversified and considerate benefits so that they can concentrate on their work without concerns. We also offer a wide range of leisure and recreational activities, so that our employees can keep their vitality while maintaining a good work-and-life balance. We take care of all employees in different aspects. Through a variety of activities and study programs, we are able to build up the strength of our team, so as to ensure the balance between work and life, and keep a good relationship between the employees and their family members.
We sincerely invite you to join us and create a bright future with us!

Highly competitive salaries and benefits

  • Year-end bonus of salaries of two months
  • Employee dividends and profit sharing 
  • KPI project bonus system 

Generous leave system

  • Two-day week off
  • Flexible leave system
  • Leave calculation superior to the Labor Standards Act
  • Engagement leave for employees
  • Marriage leave, prenatal examination leave, prenatal examination leave, paternity leave, maternity leave, and funeral leave are provided in accordance with the laws

Humanized management, and a considerate and comfortable work environment

  • Company fitness room is built
  • Free use of massage chairs
  • Open-style bar and employee common area
  • Game table for stress relief
  • Shower toilet 

Focus on employee health and livelihood protection

  • Annual health examinations are provided
  • Encourage the establishment of societies and provide financial assistance
  • contributions to life, accident, medical, cancer, critical illness, and disability insurance
  • Allow employees to add themselves and close relatives into insurance at preferential rates on their own expense

Benefits and subsidies

  • Travel subsidy
  • Motor vehicle parking subsidy for employees
  • Gift coupons for Labor Day / Dragon Boat Festival / Mid-Autumn Festival / Spring Festival
  • Birthday gift coupons for employees
  • Wedding and funeral subsidies
  • Gym subsidy
  • Movie tickets
  • Special shopping discounts

A guaranteed pension system

  • In accordance with the Labor Pension Act, a monthly pension of 6% of wages is deposited in a personal account for employees
  • Employees may make voluntary contributions to their pensions at 6% of their monthly salaries
  • For those who are eligible for retirement under the Labor Standards Act, the Company shall contribute 2% of the total monthly salary to the special account of the supervisory committee of workers’ retirement reserve fund. 

Various socializing activities are held irregularly

  • Sports Meeting/Family Day
  • Father’s Day / Mother’s Day Events
  • Summer Solstice Watermelon Festival/Winter Solstice Dumpling Festival
  • Parent-child Work Day
  • Christmas KTV / Gift Exchange Party
  • Spring Festival Artwork Event

Free afternoon snacks every day