Making History

It all started with a bowl of noodles. No, seriously. 

In May 1997, Vincent and Wesley, both of whom were IC design engineers, happened to meet each other at a small noodle stand in Taipei. As they chatted over slurps of noodle soup, they knew they had something. Vincent and Wesley envisioned a company where employees create value through applying their innovation capabilities. To make this dream come true, Vincent and Wesley founded Sitronix in January 1998. 

Today we are a much larger company, having grown to over 600 people. The one thing that stays the same is that we remain true to our founding values. We celebrate the unique talents each employee possesses as we work towards our shared goals of product differentiation and diversification. 

To learn more about our growth over the years, take a look at our milestones:


  • Completed the initial greenhouse gas inventory and obtained external verification.
  • Established the Risk Management Committee.
  • A subsidiary specializing in automotive display driver ICs, Forcelead Technology Corp, was listed on the Emerging Stock Market in December under the stock code 6996.
  • Ultimate borderless touch and display driver integrated IC for AIoT.
  • 560*560 ultra-high resolution touch and display driver integrated IC for wearable device.
  • High-brightness PMOLED display driver IC designed for industrial. It also includes a 5-inch panel STN display driver IC.
  • Display driver IC with automotive enhanced EMI/ESD solution.
  • Display supports VESA DSC and a high/dynamic frame rate for Full HD TFT.
  • Integrated a multi-channel ambient light (UV+ALS+RGB) sensor with a flicker sensing chip.
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor chip with a waterproof feature.


  • First Sustainability Report issued and accredited by AA-1000 Type 2.
  • Ultra low power consumption industrial display driver IC.
  • Second generation of 7″ STN display driver IC for industrial instrument.
  • 360×390 display driver IC with RAM TFT for wearable devices.
  • 400×400 AMOLED display driver IC for wearable devices.
  • High-sensitivity under-screen InP distance sensor and light sensor.
  • Pressure sensor for height detection.


  • High sensitivity slit-type light sensor.
  • HD TFT integrated display driver and capacitive touch control chip
  • TFT display driver chip with QSPI interface for wearable devices.
  • MCU-based generator voltage regulator control chip for automobiles.
  • Capacitive touch control chip for advanced wearable devices.
  • Display driver chip for smart meters.
  • Executed the division of the Company’s Vehicle Business Division to Forcelead Technology Corp.


  • Launched the RGB + Flicker sensor for mobile phones and cameras.
  • Launched the drive chip for AMOLED wearable display.
  • Launched the drive chip for PMOLED industrial control display.


  • Launched the upgrade version of the distance and ambient light sensors.
  • Launched the advanced drive chip for industrial control displays.
  • Launched the drive chip for wearable display.


  • Launched the low power consumption industrial control DDI product. 
  • Launched the Micro-size proximity sensor and P-Sensors.


  • Our first automotive touch controller IC is now on the road.
  • We launch the invisible proximity sensors for special projects that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient.


  • We win the gold medal at the 2016 National Invention Award, given by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Nominated for the 2016 Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company (with revenue below $1 Billion) Award.
  • We announce HD 720 zerocap® and FHD zerocap®, new members of the smartphone display driver IC (DDI) family.


  • Sitronix announces new addition to its zerocap® product line: WVGA zerocap®.


  • We further expand our product offerings to include smartphone DDIs.
  • Sensortek announces the addition of accelerometers to its portfolio of sensors.


  • We start making zerocap® DDIs for personal navigation devices (PND).
  • Sitronix’s subsidiary Sensortek introduces proximity sensors for smartphones.


  • Releases the zerocap® solution for wearable devices and industrial applications.


  • Our QQVGA zerocap® DDIs launch commercially.
  • We debut our touch controller ICs, which complement our existing portfolio of DDIs.


  • Announces the zerocap® solution  for mobile phone DDIs.


  • We tap into the automotive semiconductor market as our first auto DDI becomes commercially available.


  • Sitronix is named as one of the top 50 IC design houses in IC Insights’ Strategic Reviews for the first time.


  • ISO-9001 certified.


  • Sitronix delivers DDIs for monitors and notebooks.
  • We announce all-time best monthly sales of 10 million mobile phone DDI units.


  • We begin offering color TFT mobile phones DDIs. 


  • Sitronix has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) under code 8016.
  • The color STN mobile phone DDI is introduced.


  • The 128 x 64, black-and-white feature phone DDI is introduced. It is the company’s first commercially available mobile phone DDI.
  • Sitronix now makes DDIs that support both English and Chinese fonts. The ICs are for electronic dictionaries and personal digital assistants (PDA).


  • We release our first DDI, which is for industrial applications.


  • Sitronix acquires GoldStone Microelectronics, a startup that designs display driver ICs (DDI), among other products.
  • Launches the company’s first product, an MCU for calendar clocks and industrial applications.


  • Sitronix is founded.