Functional Committees

The Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee of the Company are composed of all independent directors to implement the corporate governance and strengthen the supervisory function of the Board of Directors.

Sustainability Committee

To achieve the goal of corporate sustainability, Sitronix established its Sustainability Committee in 2022 with a view to formulating a mid- to long-term sustainability plan and reviewing the Company’s core operational capabilities. Under the committee, the Company sets up the Sustainability Office, responsible for the three major sustainability issues (i.e. Environmental Sustainability (E), Social Responsibility (S) and Corporate Governance (G)). The Sustainability Functional Team meets at least once a year and reports regularly to the Board of Directors on the implementation plan and results. In 2023, the team held 2 meetings with the proposal covering the annual target and implementation in the year, and a report was made to the Board of Directors on August 3 and November 2. After receiving the report, the Board assessed the implementation effectiveness of the relevant objectives and policies, tracked the progress of implementation and urged the management team to make adjustments if necessary.

Implementation (As of September 30)

The target of the year Implementation
•To formulate the Risk Management Policy and Procedures
•To hold Risk Management Meeting
• In August, the Board of Directors approved the Risk Management Policy and Procedures, which were urged by the Sustainability Committee and implemented by the Sustainability Office.
• A risk management meeting was held in October and the results of the year’s implementation were reported to the Sustainability Committee and the Board of Directors.
To introduce the Information Security Management System ISO 27001 The Information Security Management System, ISO 27001, was introduced in April and is expected to be certified by a third party in the first quarter of 2024.
To introduce Intellectual Property Management System TIPS In May, the Company began to introduce the Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS), and is expected to apply for and obtain the TIPS certification in the third quarter of 2024.
Ranking in Corporate Governance Evaluation The Company ranked in the top 6-20% in the Corporate Governance Evaluation, with a two-spot jump from the previous year’s ranking.
To issue the Sustainability Report The first annual Corporate Sustainability Report was released on September 30, which was prepared with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards, and TUV NORD third-party certification was obtained.
Greenhouse Gas Inventory To perform greenhouse gas inventories and obtain the third party TUV NORD certification voluntarily.
Others • By the end of September, the Board and various functional committees had 100% of attendance and successfully remained a rate above 90%.
• No major regulatory violation shall occur.
• The English version of the annual report are uploaded 16 days before the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.
• The interim financial statements shall be disclosed in English and Chinese.
• The Board of Directors shall regularly assess the independence and suitability of the certified public accountants according to the Audit Quality Indicators (AQIs).

Duties and members of the Sustainability Committee:
(1) To prepare the sustainability policy of the Company.
(2) To ensure the sustainability of the Company, including sustainable governance, integrity management, environmental and social targets, and preparation of strategies and implementation plans.
(3) To review, track and revise the implementation and performance of the sustainability of the Company, and report to the Board of Directors regularly.
(4) To address the concerns of various stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, government agencies, non-profit organizations, community, and media, and to oversee communication plans.

Name Title Expertise Number of attendance in 2022
Vincent Mao Chairman of the Board/Director Chairman/Convener With work experience in business, technology, industry knowledge, and operation judgment capacity. 1
Dai, Cheng-Chieh Independent Director Member With work experience in business, technology, and operation judgment capacity. 1
Lin, Yu-Nu Independent Director Member •   With work experience in accounting and operation judgment capacity
•   Professional and technical personnel who have passed the national examinations required for accountants to obtain a certificate.