Vincent Mao

Chairman & CEO
EMBA,Taiwan University
Institute of Microelectronics, Cheng Kung University
General Manager, Sitronix Technology Corp.
Market Planning, United Microelectronics Corp.

Wen-Bin Lin

B.S., electronic engineering, National Taipei Institute of Technology

I-Hsi Cheng

B.S., electronic engineering, National Chiao Tung University
Deputy manager, design division, Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc.
Representative: Hui-Ming Chen

MBA, University of Central Oklahoma(U.S.)
Assistant General Manager, SalesDivision, Transcend Information, Inc.

Sheng-Su Lee

M.S., electronic engineering, National Taiwan University
President, Sitronix Technology Corp.

Yan- Chiang Fan

Yu Da High School of Commerce and Home Economics
President, Shin Hwa Group.        

Cheng-Chieh Dai

Independent Director
Institute of Electrical Engineering, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Department of Electrical Engineering, Cheng Kung University
Deputy General Manager, Accusys, Inc.
Business Manager, Elitegroup Computer Systems Inc.

Chieh- Sheng Hsiao

Independent Director       
Institute of Microelectronics, Cheng Kung
Market Planning, United Microelectronics Corp.

Yu -Nu Lin

Independent Director
EMBA, Taiwan University Department of Accounting, Chengchi University
Sales Deputy Manager
Taiwan Securities Co., Ltd.
Intermediate auditor, KPMG Taiwan
Passing the Accounting Entrance Exam.