Ethical Corporate Management

The Company has set up the Administration Department as a dedicated unit to promote the integrity management, which is responsible for formulating and monitoring the implementation of integrity management policies and preventive plans, and reporting to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.
The Board of Directors and the management of the Company will actively implement the commitment made in the Integrity Management Policy and will actually execute it in the internal management and business activities.
The Company’s “Code of Conduct for Integrity” has been approved by the Board of Directors for implementation, and submitted to the shareholders’ meeting. The same procedure is applicable to any amendments thereto.

Fraud Reporting Rules

  1. The Company has established and announced an internal independent reporting e-mail ( on its website and intranet site for the internal and external personnel of the Company to use. The whistle-blower shall at least provide the following information:

(1). The name and ID number of the reporter, as well as the address, telephone number, and e-mail that can be used to contact with the whistle-blower.

(2). The name of the person being reported or other information that can be used to identify such person.

(3). The specific facts available for investigation.

  1. The Company shall keep the identity of the reporter and the matter reported confidential, and the Company undertakes to protect the reporter from improper treatment as a result of the reporting.
  2. The Company’s dedicated unit shall deal with any reported matter in accordance with the following procedures:

(1). The matters involving general employees shall be reported to department heads and the matters involving directors or senior management shall be reported to independent directors or the executive.

(2). The Company’s dedicated unit and the executives or directors receiving the report in the preceding paragraph shall immediately investigate the relevant facts and if necessary, require assistance from legal or other relevant departments.

(3). If it is proven that the person being reported has violated the relevant laws and regulations or the Company’s policies and rules on integrity management, the such person shall be immediately requested to cease the relevant behavior and be punished accordingly.  If necessary, such person shall be required to make compensation for damages through legal proceedings in order to protect the Company’s reputation and rights.

(4). The acceptance of reports, the investigation and the results shall be documented and maintained for five years in written or electronic copy. Before the expiration of the maintenance period, in case of any legal proceedings related to the matters reported, the related documents shall be maintained until the end of such proceedings.

(5). If the reported matters have been proven to be true through investigation) the related units of the Company shall be required to review their internal control system and operation procedures, and propose improvement measures to prevent such matters from happening again.

  1. If any matter reported is proven to be true, the Company will not only handle it according to the law or the relevant regulations of the Company, but will also provide the whistle-blower with appropriate reward according to the severity of the matter.