Welfare system

Sitronix treat employees as the company’s greatest treasure. In order to attract, motivate and retain the best talents, we provide the most competitive salary and benefits. We value the performance of employees and are willing to share all results with them. Sitron not only Provide annual target achievement bonuses, R&D patent bonuses, and a sound dividend system.

In a working environment where you can communicate fully and securely, you will have many opportunities to experience your abilities. We nurture and care for employees, and provide employees with diversified and considerate benefits, so that colleagues can concentrate on their work without worries. We also provide diversified leisure and entertainment and a wealth of club activities, so that employees can take care of work and life, and keep full vitality at all times. We take care of every Silicontron in an all-round way. Through our rich and diversified activities and further training plans, we gather the team strength that belongs to Silicontron, so that work and life, colleagues and family can be connected to each other.

We sincerely invite you to join Siltronix and create a bright and happy future together with us.