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81 x 132 Dot Matrix LCD Controller/Driver

Product Description

The ST7588T is a driver & controller LSI for graphic dot-matrix liquid crystal display systems. It contains 132 segment and 80 common+1ICON driver circuits. This chip is connected directly to a microprocessor, accepts 3-line serial peripheral interface (SPI), 4-line serial peripheral interface (SPI), or 8-bit parallel interface, display data can stores in an on-chip display data RAM of 81 x 132 bits. It performs display data RAM read/write operation with no external operating clock to minimize power consumption. In addition, because it contains power supply circuits to drive liquid crystal, it is possible to make a display system with the fewest components.

  • Single-chip LCD controller & driver
  • Driver Output Circuits
  • 132 segment outputs / 81 common outputs
  • On-chip Display Data ram
    - Capacity: 81X132=10,692 bits
  • Microprocessor Interface - 8-bit parallel bi-directional interface with 6800-series or 8080-series
    - 4-line A mode SPI (write only)
    - 4-line B mode SPI (write only)
    - 3-line 8 bit A mode SPI (write only)
    - 3-line 8 bit B mode SPI (write only)
    - 3 line 9 bit SPI (write only)
  • On-chip Low Power Analog Circuit
    - Generation of LCD supply voltage
    - Generation of intermediate LCD bias voltages
    - Oscillator requires no external components
    (external clock also possible)
    - Voltage converter (x2, x3, x4, x5, x6)
    - Voltage regulator(temperature gradient 0.1%/¢XC)
    - Voltage follower
    - On-chip electronic contrast control function (128 steps)
  • External RESB (reset) pin
  • Logic supply voltage range VDD1,2 -VSS
    - 1.8 to 3.3V
  • Display supply voltage range VLCD -VSS
    - 4.5 to 13V
  • Temperature range: -40 to +85 degree