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65C x 132S Dot Matrix LCD Controller/Driver

Product Description

The ST7565S is a single-chip dot matrix LCD driver that can be connected directly to a microprocessor bus. 8-bit parallel or serial display data sent from the microprocessor is stored in the internal display data RAM and the chip generates a LCD drive signal independent of the microprocessor. Because the chips in the ST7565S contain 65x132 bits of display data RAM and there is a 1-to-1 correspondence between the LCD panel pixels and the internal RAM bits, these chips enable displays with a high degree of freedom.
The ST7565S chips contain 65 common output circuits and 132 segment output circuits, so that a single chip can drive a 65x132 dot display (capable of displaying 8 columnsx4 rows of a 16x16 dot kanji font).
Moreover, the capacity of the display can be extended through the use of master/slave structures between chips. The chips are able to minimize power consumption because no external operating clock is necessary for the display data RAM read/write operation.
Furthermore, because each chip is equipped internally with a low-power LCD driver power supply, resistors for LCD driver power voltage adjustment and a display clock CR oscillator circuit, the ST7565S can be used to create the lowest power display system with the fewest components for high-performance portable devices.

  • Direct display of RAM data through the display data RAM.
  • RAM capacity : 65  x 132 = 8580 bits
  • Display duty selectable by select pin
    - 1/65 duty : 65 common x 132 segment
    - 1/49 duty : 49 common x 132 segment
    - 1/33 duty : 33 common x 132 segment
    - 1/55 duty : 55 common x 132 segment
    - 1/53 duty : 53 common x 132 segment
  • High-speed 8-bit MPU interface (The chip can be connected directly to the both the 80x86 series MPUs and the 68000 series MPUs) /Serial interfaces are supported.
  • Abundant command functions Display data Read/Write, display ON/OFF, Normal/ Reverse display mode, page address set, display start line set, column address set, status read, display all points ON/OFF, LCD bias set, electronic volume, read/modify/write, segment driver direction selects, power saver, static indicator, common output status select, V5 voltage regulation internal resistor ratio set.
  • Static drive circuit equipped internally for indicators. (1 system, with variable flashing speed.)
  • Low-power liquid crystal display power supply circuit equipped internally. Booster circuit (with Boost ratios of 2X/3X/4X/5X/6X , where the step-up voltage reference power supply can be input externally).
  • High-accuracy voltage adjustment circuit (Thermal gradient -0.05%/¢XC ) V5 voltage regulator resistors equipped internally, V1 to V4 voltage divider resistors equipped internally, electronic volume function equipped internally, voltage follower.
  • CR oscillator circuit equipped internally (external clock can also be input)
  • Extremely low power consumption Operating power when the built-in power supply is used (an example) 60uA (VDD - VSS = VDD - VSS2 =3.0 V, Quad voltage, V5 - VDD = - 11.0 V). Conditions: When displays pattern OFF and the normal mode is selected.
  • Power supply operate on the low 1.8 voltage Logic power supply VDD - VSS = 1.8V to 3.3 V  (+10% Range)
    - Boost reference voltage: VDD - VSS2 = 1.8V to 3.3V
    - Booster maximum voltage limited VOUT= -16.0V (+10% Range)
    - Liquid crystal drive power supply: VDD - V5 = 4.0V to 13.0 V
  • Wide range of operating temperatures: -40 to 85¢XC
  • CMOS process gold bumped chip or TCP available. These chips not designed for resistance to light or resistance to radiation.