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Integrated Microcontroller

Product Description

The ST2203U is an 8-bit integrated microcontroller designed with CMOS silicon gate technology. The true static CPU core, power down modes and dual oscillators design makes the ST2203U suitable for power saving and long battery life designs. The ST2203U integrates various logic to support functions on-chip which are needed by system designers. This is also important for lower system complexity, small board size and, of course, shorter time to market and less cost.

The ST2203U features the capacity of memory access of maximum 32M bytes which is needed by products with large data bases. Two chip selects are equipped for direct connection to external ROM, SRAM, or other devices. Maximum one single device of 8M bytes is possible.

One DMA channel makes fast data transfer possible and easy. Both source and destination pointers can refer to the whole memory space with 15-bit pointers and bank register.

The ST2203U has 36 I/Os grouped into 5 ports, Port-A ~ Port-D and Port-L. Each pin can be programmed to input or output. There are two options: pull-up/down for inputs of Port-C and only pull-up for inputs of the other ports. In case of output, there are open-drain/CMOS options for outputs of Port-C and only CMOS for other ports. Port-A is designed for keyboard scan with de-bounce and transition triggered interrupt, while Port-B/C/D are shared with other system functions. All the properties of I/O pins are still programmable when they are assigned to another function. This enlarges the flexibility of the usage of function signals. The internal 2K bytes RAM helps to drive large LCD panels. The ST2203U can rich display information and the diversity of contents as well. This is done with no need of external display RAM because of the special internal memory sharing design.

The ST2203U equips serial communication ports of one SPI to perform different communications. Communication via USB is becoming more and more popular. The ST2203U features one PLL, a 3.3V regulator, and a USB 2.0 full speed device engine to satisfy the strong demand of fast data transfer from market. Two classes of HID and Mass storage classes are supported as well as the firmware libraries and the Windows drivers.

The ST2203U has one Low Voltage Detector (LVD) for power management. The status of external power can be detected and reported to the management software. Watch Dog Timer (WDT) is also built-in and is an essential function for a good design.
Power consumption is another big issue for a battery-powered device. The ST2203U has different power down modes and clock switch scheme to make the consuming power as low as possible.

The ST2203U equips an ICE debug interface for efficient development flow. Besides hardware emulator, a software simulator is also supported to save programmers setting up the system and makes programming be at anywhere.

With these integrated functions inside, the ST2203U single chip microcontroller is a right solution for PDA, translator, databank and other consumer products.

  • 8-bit RISC CPU
  • ROM:128K x 8-bit
  • RAM: 2K x 8-bit
  • Low Voltage Reset (LVR)
  • Stack: Up to 128-level deep
  • Operation voltage:
    VDD: 2.4V ~ 3.6V
    VBTIN: 4.5V~6.8V(for internal regulator)
  • Operation frequency:
    V 4/6MHz@2.4V(Min.),
    V 8.0Mhz@3.0V(Min.)
  • Low Voltage Detector (LVD)
    VExternal battery level can be detected.
  • USB 2.0 full speed device (12Mbps)
    V Integrate one PLL to produce 48Mhz clock
    V Built-in 3.3V regulator for transceiver
    V 4 endpoints with control, bulk in/out and interrupt in transfer
    V Double buffering mechanism
  • Memory configuration
    V Internal RAM and ROM with bank switching mechanism
    V Support up to 28M bytes external memory
  • General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) ports
    V 36 multiplexed CMOS bit programmable I/Os
    V Hardware de-bounce option for Port-A
    V Bit programmable pull-up/down or open-drain/CMOS
  • Watchdog Timer (WDT)
    V Programmable WDT interrupt or reset
  • Four external Interrupt via I/O pin
  • Timer/Counter
    V Three 12-bit and one 8-bit timers Clock output
    V Four clock outputs
  • Prioritized interrupts with dedicated exception vectors
    V External interrupt (edge triggered)
    V Port A interrupt (transition triggered)
    V Base timer interrupt (x8)
    V Timer0 ~2 interrupts (x3)
    V SPI interrupts (x2)
    V USB interrupts (x6)
    V RTC interrupts (x4)
  • Dual clock sources with warm-up timer
    V Low frequency crystal oscillator (OSCX)KKKKKK 32768 Hz
    V High frequency crystal/resonator oscillator (OSC) KKKKK 4/6/8M Hz
  • LCD Controller
    V Programmable display size:
    V Share system memory with display buffer and with no loss of the CPU time
    V Support 1-bit/4-bit LCD data bus
    V Diverse functions including virtual screen, panning, scrolling, contrast control, alternating signal generator, buffer switching and fast graphic data manipulation
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    V Master and slave modes
    V Five serial signals including enable and data-ready
    V Both transmitter and receiver buffers supported
    V Programmable data length from 7-bit to 16-bit
  • On-chip ICE debug interface
  • Power management
    V Auto switch to USB VCC when USB plug in
    V Less then 10uA stand-by current with 32K Xtal and RTC