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8 BIT Microcontroller with 64K bytes PROM(OTP)

Product Description

The ST20P64 is a 8-bit microcontroller designed with CMOS silicon gate technology. This single chip microcontroller is useful for translator, databank and other consumer applications. It integrates with SRAM, Programming ROM(OTP), LCD controller/driver, DC-DC voltage converter, I/O ports, timers, PSG and PWM DAC. This chip also builds in dual oscillators for the chip performance enhancement.

  • Totally static 65C02S CPU
  • ROM: 64K x 8-bit PROM(OTP)
  • RAM: 2432 x 8-bit
  • Stack: Up to 128-level deep
  • Operation voltage: 2.7V ~ 3.6V
  • Built-in double DC-DC voltage converter for LCD driver I/O ports
    - 24 CMOS bidirectional bit programmable I/O pins, sixteen (Port-B/C) are shared with LCD drives
    - 8 open drain output pins are shared with LCD drives
    - 2 COMS output pins are shared with PSG drives
    - Bit programmable pull-up for input pins
    - Hardware de-bounce option for Port-A
  • Low voltage detector
  • Timer/Counter:
    - Two 8-bit timer/16-bit event counter
    - One 8-bit Base timer
  • 6 hardware interrupts with dedicated exception vectors
    - External interrupt (edge triggered)
    - Timer0 interrupt
    - Timer1 interrupt
    - Base timer interrupt
    - Port-A[7~0] interrupt (transition triggered)
    - DAC reload interrupt
  • Dual clock sources with warm-up timer
    - Low frequency crystal oscillato: 32768 Hz
    - RC oscillator: 500K ~ 4M Hz
    - High frequency crystal/resonator oscillator (code option): 455K~4M Hz
  • LCD controller/driver
    - Resolution: 32x8 ~ 48x16, maximum 768 dots
    - Two clock source options: RC and resonator oscillator
    - Internal bias resistors (1/5 bias/1/4 bias) with 16-level driving strength control
    - Up to 16-level contrast control
    - Keyboard scan function supported on 16 shared segment drives
  • Programmable sound generator (PSG) - Two channels with three playing modes
    - Tone/noise generator
    - 16-level volume control
    - Dedicated outputs for directly connection to buzzer
  • PWM DAC: Three modes up to 8-bit resolution
  • Three power down modes:
    - WAI0 mode
    - WAI1 mode
    - STP mode